QFG1 VGA Classic Mod

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The QFG1 VGA classic mod emulates the original EGA version by changing some of the artwork (coloring).


The following artwork has been changed;

Hero cape: red -> black

Mantaray: multicoloured/brown -> cyan

Saurus: green -> purple

Saurus Rex: yellow -> red

Troll: aqua -> grey

Goblin: green -> cyan

Spirea Seed Flowers: red -> magenta

Ingame videos of the purple saurus and mantaray;

The mod was created using the SCI Companion tool (2016) from scicompanion.com.


The modified game resources can be found here (v0.1).


Some other issues which would be nice to modify (but may be more difficult);

  • add the troll treasure cave.
  • zero stamina during close combat does not result in instant death.
  • throwing daggers can be be picked up after killing monster (but not before entering combat or after escaping).
  • further artwork changes