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Some dialogue of the game was removed from the game as it was deemed too explicit. Some of the changes can be seen by comparing the demo's dialogue with the retail version's. To achieve this use Qfg5msg to extract dialogue subtitles from QGM files and a text editor to compare files. Some content changes I have found are noted below, removed content is shown with a strike-through.

Nawar (Demo 212.QGM vs Retail 212.QGM)

"You have such a way with words. My ears love the way you tease me with your tongue. That's not the only part which would like to be teased."

"Chocolates! I love sokolatak-ya. I just love to suck them until they melt in my mouth. You are so kind."

"You've got a very talented tongue there. I wonder just how talented it is."

"Isn't that just like a man? Always goingcoming and cominggoing too soon."

Dead Parrot Inn (Demo 250.QGM vs Retail 250.QGM)

"As Nawar would say -- keep on coming. Back here, I mean."

"I've always had a thing for wolves. They have such long tongues..."

"I'd be happy to kiss you -- the question is, where?"

"Are you here to play the game, or to play with something else?"

"You have a wicked way with words. Do you also have a wicked tongue? I could use a good tongue-lashing."

"Seeing you here again makes my evening. Sometime, you've got to make my nights, as well."

"Budar and Ferrari deserve one another. He's got the cash, and she's got the assets."

"You like the way I dress? You should see the way I undress..."

"This is the Wheel of Fortune. You can show me what you can do with your weapon, anytime. Just show me your money."

"Round and round the wheel will go -- I prefer up and down."

"I've been waiting for a guy like you to come into my life... and various other places."

"You have the look of a troubled man. A man that perhaps, needs another favor?"

Responses from Corey Cole

(From Hero-U Forums)

"Fabulous! Thanks for documenting that. I doubt that we have any of those old files anymore - our backups stayed at Sierra.

Lori was livid about the censorship, as she felt the changes lost Nawar's personality. The lines contained innuendo, but nothing actually obscene, and we saw no reason they should be changed.

We had a similar issue with the Producer of Quest for Glory III. Lori wrote the story as a tough look at intolerance and racial prejudice, but some of the nuance was lost due to the Producer insisting on making the game "politically correct."

I think there were also some changes to Gnome Anne's jokes because the Sierra GM thought they were too bawdy. Again, the changes seemed to us totally unnecessary, and they delayed release of the game. Voice acting and incorporation of changes into the game take time.

For example, she insisted that we could not use the word "native" in a game set in the African jungles. We were using it to show the prejudice of the city people against those who lived in villages. I felt the change was ok for the occasional edit, but then discovered the producer had used global search and replace. This resulted in such brilliant pieces of text as "the indigenous flora and fauna" (originally written as "the native flora and fauna"). Mind you, using words like flora and fauna was our fault, but still... You can't globally edit text without ending up with some embarrassingly unreadable lines."

"By the way, the "coming and going" line was "borrowed" from Blazing Saddles. Lili Von Shtupp: [singing] I've been with thousands of men/again and again/they promise the moon/they're always coming and going and going and coming... and always too soon.

We figured if Mel Brooks could use it in a film, we could certainly use it in a game. The GM disagreed."