QFG5 Installation Instructions

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QFG5 Installation Instructions

To Install QFG5 from an online source (e.g. www.gog.com)

[Insert instructions here]

To Install QFG5 from the original CD Media

These instructions are designed to enable QFG5 to be installed on a modern system (64 bit Windows 7+):

  1. Ensure that you have the original QFG5 CD media available
  2. Download QfG5Setup.exe (from http://sierrachest.com/gfx/games/QFG5/)
  3. Execute QfG5Setup.exe (and insert the CD media when prompted)
  4. Run QFG5
  5. When prompted by Windows to install Direct Play, install this Windows feature

Note the patches at sierrahelp.com won't work on a Windows 7+ 64bit system; QfG5UP12_64.exe and QfG5(QFG5Win2k).exe (http://www.sierrahelp.com/Patches-Updates/Patches-Updates-Games/QuestForGloryUpdates.html).

To Upgrade QFG5 with high resolution graphics

To install QFG5 high resolution textures

  1. copy 010.MDL from heroHD-12August2013.rar to [QFG5installationPath]/DATA/mdl

To install QFG5 high resolution meshes

  1. copy the mdl folder from qfg5modelHighResolutionMeshes-08March2013b.zip to [QFG5installationPath]/DATA

See qfgmods.net (in particular Qfg5model) for a full list of graphics upgrades including high resolution textures. Tools have been created such that the graphics can be upgraded by the community.