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Qfg5msg is a tool for extracting messages (menu text, look text, subtitles, etc) from Quest for Glory 5 QGM (Quest for Glory Message) files. There are 3 different known versions of the QGM file format, these are:

-v2.0 (Qfg5demo)

-v3.0 (Qfg5 - 475.QGM, 706.QGM, 998.QGM)

-v4.0 (Qfg5 w/ obfuscation)

The majority of the retail game's QGM files are in the latter format featuring obfuscated text, presumably to prevent opening the files in a Hex Editor and reading the plain text dialogue to aid in completing the game.

How To

Use Game Extractor to extract QGM files from 'hdn.spk/qgm' and 'CDN.SPK/QGM'. For more information on how to achieve this see: SPK File Format. 'hdn.spk/qgm' consists of all 'Room' message and subtitle files, named by Room ID, where 'CDN.SPK/QGM' consists of menu and general text. A list of Room ID's to Room Names can be found here: QFG5 Rooms

Usage: qfg5msg <input file>

After running, the application will create a txt file containing the QGM file's messages in the working directory.


Download (Latest version): qfg5msg-030614.zip

Batch file: qfg5msg-extractAllBat.zip - Put qfg5msg-extractAll.bat and qfg5msg.exe in the same folder as QGM files and run qfg5msg-extractAll.bat to extract from all QGM files.

Known Issues

-Does not work with Qfg5demo files: 270.QGM and 290.QGM


-Fix: Does not work with Qfg5demo files: 270.QGM and 290.QGM

-Add room and character names to exported txt file

-Add support for newline and other unprintable characters

-Add support for Qfg5demo

-Add support for plain text strings