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Qfg5pano is a command-line program that imports and exports panorama backgrounds to and from Quest for Glory 5 Retail and Sneak Peak Demo versions. An exported background can be modified in image editing software and imported back into the game.

How To

Use Game Extractor to extract IMG and NOD files from 'CDN.spk'. For more information on how to achieve this see: http://qfgmods.net/SPK_File_Format

Usage: qfg5pano <input file> <output file>

Exporting Bmp Files

To export a background you must specify the input filename without an extension e.g '3000' for '3000.IMG/3000.NOD'. A bmp file matching the output filename will be produced. Also included is a batch script 'qfg5pano-extractAll.bat' to export the backgrounds of all IMG/NOD files found in the current directory.

Importing a Modified Bmp File

To import a modified bmp file, specify the bmp file as the input file and the output filename without an extension. The bitmap will be imported into the IMG and NOD files matching the output filename. Put resulting IMG and NOD files in [QFG5 DIR]/Data/IMG and [QFG5 DIR]/Data/NOD (create folders if they don't exist).


Download (Latest version & source): qfg5pano-12042015.zip